Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella.

"Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella, are two young teachers and artists who through the technique are looking for the expressive interpretation, for being the dance. They've worked at many respected festivals, such as Berlin Tango festival in Germany, Vienna Tango Week in Austria, Tango Postale in France, Misterio Tango Festival in Argentina, just to mention a few"
 "One of the main focuses of their work has always been the connection within the couple. The goal is not to learn only new steps, but to emphasize the technique through feeling each other, by being connected and by paying close attention to the embrace.
"When you're dancing like this, it will be easier to improvise, and also to approach your Tango in a much more relaxed way", say Martin and Maurizio. In their work they believe in a proposal that allows them to develop not only the technical skills of the dancers, but also to give free space to expression and interpretation."

Analia Carreno and Luis Ramirez

Charismatic, passionate and virtuous young tango couple from Argentina.
Furthermore, they are masters, choreographers, founders and directors of ConjuroTango. In their work, they apply all the knowledge they have
from different dance disciplines to tango, strongly enriching the dynamic of this dance without losing its essence, the real heart of traditional tango.They started dancing together in 2005 when they joined Señor Tango’s (the most important Tango show in BA) ensemble, where they have been performing until 2010. They began their international career joining the world known “Tanguera”, “Tango Emotion” and “Señor Tango” companies and touring with them Brazil, Germany, Russia and China. Since 2008, they have been filming special TV programs in BA streets for the TV chain Telefe International, as the leading stars. In 2008, they created their own company and launched the first “ConjuroTango Show” at the famous steak house “La Cabaña” located in Buenos Aires. During all these years, they have also been devoted to teaching in Argentina, China, Korea and Japan, where they have been until the end of 2009 performing, teaching and organizing milongas. ConjuroTango leading dancers, Analia and Luis have a modern, dynamic and passionate style. In 2011, premiered ConjuroTango "A new story about Tango..."
with a fusion of tango and flamenco. For the 2013 they will debut "Warriors" the second show of ConjuroTango.

Rodrigo Palacios y Agustina Berenstein

They are at the forefront of the new generation of tango dancers in Buenos Aires that is evolving the dance while respecting and maintaining its tradition.
In late 2007, they were invited by Forever Tango to join the cast of their show in Buenos Aires. They later formed the show “Corazon a Corazon” by Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa.
They are well-known teachers and performers of Argentine tango in both Buenos Aires as well as outside Argentina. Today, they are celebrated as one of the most successful couples of the new generation of tango dancers.
Having taught and performed in Europe, Japan, the USA, around South America and Australia, this year they have extended their presence to include Turkey, Croatia, China and Netherlands.